Thursday, March 8, 2012

A little of this, and a little of that :)

It is more than nasty outside in the Dallas area right now!  It went from in the 70s this morning to being 47 degrees.  And that my friends, is not okay with me!  With that being said, we did somehow manage to get a little learning done today, regardless of the weather!

We finished reading "The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo," and made this little writing craftivity.  My students wrote a summary of the book after they made their kangaroos.

We wrote sentences about the main character, Freddy Dissel, and added them to this chart.  I'm totally not in love with how I drew his face, but my sweet babies still think I'm an artist, so I'll just have to live with it, ha!

Yesterday, after reading Chapter 3, we made "Freddy's Filmstrip" to sequence the events from the chapter.

You can find all of my Green Kangaroo ideas on TPT {HERE}!

In Computer Lab, we did a little integration of technology and a math lesson.
Since we have been studying shapes, we used Power Point to sort Polygons/Not Polygons.  First, we typed the definition of polygons, then we learned how to draw shapes, fill them up with color, and change out our backgrounds!

Then, for a little afternoon fun, we wrote a silly story together.  We used story starters from this:
Here's what we chose:  Setting- in an airport, Character- caterpillar, Plot- gets a medal

So, as a class, we wrote a story about a caterpillar named Weirdo who lives in an airport, got sucked up into a vacuum, thrown into a trashcan, had to eat his way through french fries to get to a shiny medal, made a cocoon while holding the medal, and came out a golden butterfly.

I mean, if that isn't an award-winning story, I just don't know what is!  After we wrote the story as a class, I had the kids make illustrations for it in their journals.

I rewrote the story and added some illustrations after school so that it can be on display tomorrow!  I am just sure that the kids will be in LOVE with seeing their story hanging up in the room!

Only 1 more day before Spring Break for me!  When is your Spring Break?  I'm anxiously awaiting ours, but know that I'll be super jealous when my other bloggy friends are on their break in a few weeks!  Hope you have a fast Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just a little post...

It's getting late for me, so I'm not going to make this too lengthy!

We are learning about 2D shapes this week, so we charted them first thing!

(Don't judge my drawing skills here... some of those shapes were a little tricky for me, ha!)

I changed out my math bulletin board to include our chart and some of my 2D shapes

We did a shape match in our math journals. 

We started reading, The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo" and made inferences based on the front cover!

And, we will continue with more shape and Green Kangaroo activities this week!!!

I just finished up a little Earth Day Unit that you can pick up {HERE}

Almost half way through the week... we're getting there, right?!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Probability Unit

Once I began teaching probability last week, I realized that there just wasn't a lot out there when it came to resources.  So, to make things easier on myself for the years to come, I compiled all of my activities into one bundle!  

You can also check out a few freebies {HERE} for probability!

Click on either picture to take you to TPT!

Ohhhhh.... and I will give away 5 copies of this unit to the first 5 people that comment below!!!  

My clip art came from KPM Doodles and Fancy Dog Studio.
My fonts are Kevin and Amanda

Just in case you haven't seen this on Hope's blog... here are the winners from our Chocolate Lovers Giveaway!  Congrats, ladies!  Email Hope at:  to claim your units :)  Also, you must check out what they did to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday, because it absolutely blew me away!!!

I was only at school for a half-day, so I don't have anything fabulous to share!  We are learning about 2D Shapes and completing "The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo" chapter book study!  Then, it's off for Spring Break... YAY!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Lorax and Green Eggs

Well, I must say that it has been a SEUSS-tastic couple of days in the classroom :)

Today, we read "The Lorax," which the kids were totally into {I'm guessing it has something to do with the movie coming out tomorrow, and nothing to do with how wonderful of a reader I am ;)}.  Then we made this little craft.  I'm just going to be honest... I threw this thing together very last minute.  So, I have no patterns for it!  I just guided the kids through each step, in this order:  grass, clouds, trunks, the Lorax, and then the truffula toppers.  We used easter basket grass for the tops of the trees (found this idea on Pinterest, but it didn't have a link back to it!).  I will say that it needs to be hot-glued!  We learned the hard way that regular glue bottles/sticks would not work!!!

I love this speech bubble.... "If you cut down the trees we won't have maple syrup for our waffles."  haha!

Close-up of just the craft:

I didn't do anything fancy to the door... just taped them all up!

Yesterday we read, "Green Eggs and Ham."  The kids worked in groups for a little "How-to" writing assignment.  They had to make up a way to make green eggs and ham.  After they wrote the steps into their spirals, I just had them re-write the edited versions onto the back of their egg.

I love how this group used spinach to make their green eggs and chicken (ha!)!

Today in the computer lab, we had lots of fun with Seussville!

Tomorrow, we are going to go with Cara's idea for Seuss Juice!  I think I'll show Justin Bieber reading "The Cat in the Hat" or Tim Tebow reading "Green Eggs and Ham."  Heck... maybe we will just watch Dr. Seuss videos all day, ha!!  You can get away with that on a Friday, right?!

One more day til the weekend, y'all!  Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Writer's Workshop Questions and Dr. Seuss

Our literacy team has been working super hard to get all K-2 teachers on the same page for guided reading and writer's workshop.  We had a training last week on writer's workshop and students sharing their writing throughout the week.  

After a student has read their writing piece, the writer asks the class 3 questions (that you'll see below).  I made some little posters for my kids to hold up as they are asking the questions, so I wanted to share them with you!  

You can click {HERE} to download these posters!

I have only been using these questions for about a week and a half now, so I don't have all of the answers, BUT I have been letting about 2-3 people answer each question.  That will all depend on the amount of time that you have.  Also, not every writer shares each time we write.  I choose about 2-3 people to share.  That helps keep the students focused and not too restless!  

Now on to Dr. Seuss....

We have also started our Dr. Seuss week!!!  This is the last week in our 6 weeks, so we are having a little fun during Language Arts.  It's nice to take a little break and just breathe a little!

We read The Cat in the Hat and made these super cute Thing 1s from Deanna Jump's unit.  The kids LOVED this!  Under the "Thing 1" circle, we stapled paper where the kids wrote the characters, setting, problem and solution from the story.

One of my parents sent in this fun little treasure chest, so I loaded it up with Dr. Seuss things!  

We have a few more fun activities to do throughout the rest of the week, so hopefully I'll have some more things to share with you!